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Cancellation Policy

Once a Request to Book is received, we will then contact you via telephone to discuss your matter in further detail. Your booking will NOT be confirmed until after said call. Additional fees may apply depending on the dispense of medication(s) and testing requirements.   WE REQUIRE AT LEAST 2-HOUR ADVANCED NOTICE OF CANCELLATION. Your deposit will not be refunded should you not provide a cancellation notice at least 2-hours in advance. If you book your service less than 1-hour in advance, you may not cancel. Group appointments (parties of two (2) or more) follow the same parameters as single appointments and will be charged for all people booked unless you provide a 2-hour advanced notice of any cancellations. For example, if you book a service for six (6) people, but only four (4) are present for the service with no advanced notice for the other two (2) patients, you will be charged for all six (6) services. For any groups of 4 and above, if you are confirmed, the cancellation will result in a $50 cancellation fee per individual.

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The following services are provided by Dr. McKreith in the comfort of your own home or office. 

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